Hail Damage

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Common misconceptions about roofs and wind or hail damage

  • My roof is too old for a claim:

    Many homeowners think their roof is too old and weathered to have hail damage. If your roof is old and deteriorated you may have sustained even more damage than a newer roof would have. We can complete a thorough inspection regardless of the age and condition of your roof.

  • It’s been too long since it was damaged:

    Your roof may have sustained hail damage and if you wait too long to have an inspection, roof leaks may develop and cause interior water and mold damage. Hail is particularly damaging to the shingles which breaks down the fiberglass matting on the shingle which causes granular loss. This affects the lifespan of the shingle and can affect the life of your roof.

  • There is no obvious damage:

    Unless we climb on the roof we can’t determine what is damaged. Our professional roof inspectors climb every roof to inspect damage. If you plan on selling your home in the next few years and don’t address the wind or hail damage on the roof it may result in a devaluation of your property during a home inspection.



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