Flooded Basement

Insurance coverage is as equally important to your loss as the cleanup.

need-help-with-insurance-claims-for-flooding-gunnison-salida-montrose-coloradoThe majority of flooded basements occur from broken pipes…

You will need to contact us immediately on a broken water line to ensure it is handled properly.

Whether you have wet carpet or 4 feet of water in you basement or crawl space…WE ARE THERE FOR YOU!

Our Tsurumi Water Pumps are the best in the Industry for pumping out massive amount of water from a basement. We will have the water removed usually within 2-3 hours.

The most important task for a Flooded Basement is obviously Water Removal, but that is just the beginning.  Your personal possessions are extremely valuable to you and we will take every measure to ensure that you don’t loose your valued property.

We will attempt to restore and clean valuables like linens, clothing, fine rugs, water damaged furniture back to a prior condition.

Our services for flooded basement water restoration include:

  • Water pumping from basement
  • Personal Property Pack-outs
  • Full Personal Property Inventories
  • Personal Property Cleaning and Restoration
  • Flood Cutting Drywall as necessary
  • Mold Containment and Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Flooring Restoration
  • Fine Woodworking for Trim Details

Basement Flooding Occurs for Many Different Reasons

Since Broke pipes are the main reason for a basement flood, we will deploy an emergency plumber for  the repair.  Insurance Coverage for plumbing is  not always covered and we will need to facilitate communication to the insurance adjuster to ensure that you (the Property Owner) are covered for as much of the water damage as possible.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are another leading reason for a flooded basement. Locating the pipe may not always be obvious, we’ve seen that a pipe from the main floor or 2nd floor will burst and water will flow down the wall cavities to land in the basement.

The temperatures don’t have to dip much below 32 degrees to cause a copper or PEX pipe to burst.  We need to stop the flow of water immediately either in the house or at the city water main.

Sewer Backup

This is the absolute worst type of water damage to enter your structure.

Sewer Backups immediately fall into a Category 3 water loss.

There are many scenarios as to why a sewer backup occurs:

  • Tree Root Breaks the Main Sewer Line (On-Premises)
  • Backup from Main Sewer Line (Off-Premises)
  • Toilet Overflow (On Premises)
  • Vanity Overflow (On Premises)
  • City Sewer Cleaning (Off Premises)

Insurance coverage for a On-Premises or Off-Premises Sewer Backup is another area of contention with most property insurance policies. We will proceed cautiously (for your benefit) when it comes to sewer backup claims.

Sump Pump Overflow

A power outage can cause your sump pump to stop working resulting in a basement flood.  The sump pump may have also become dislodged and burned out causing a failure the went unnoticed till it was too late. Either way your have Water in Your Basement!!!

This is another area of special concern with actual insurance policy and how coverage applies.