Frozen Pipes

Old Man Winter is here and so are frozen pipes, ice damming, and water damage

frozen-ruptured-busted-pipe-salida-colorado-montrose-gunnision-winter-water-damageSoon as you call, we will immediately take control of the frozen pipe situation and assist you in prevention of further water damage. We will be at your location with in 2 hours.  Rapid Response – Optimal Outcomes

We deal with frozen pipes for homeowners and business every year.  The sooner we begin water extraction for frozen pipes the sooner you begin the road to recovery.

Frozen Pipes may pose an inconvenience or may cause catastrophic damage to your property.

Water freezes during the winter and an unprotected pipe will cause expansion of the water within the pipe, which ruptures the pipe.

If you have experienced a frozen pipe the here are the steps to take to prevent further damage to your property.

  • Turn the water valve off  either at the water valve or the main water supply.
  • Open faucet so steam and pressure produced during thawing efforts will escape.
  • Thaw pipe at faucet working toward the frozen section of the pipe. As you melt the ice, water and steam will come out of the faucet.
  • Don’t start in the middle, because trapped pressure may cause the pipe to burst.
  • Hot Water and hair driers are the most popular and safest pipe-thawing options.
  • Now that the pipe is thawed comes the real work.