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Setting The Standard For Handling & Restoring Damaged Personal Property

Rocky Mountain Restoration is at the forefront of handling routine or complex personal property losses. Our experience is second to none – major insurance carriers and property claims adjusters have a long history of seeking our team’s expertise and “no-surprises” reputation for handling contents claims.

Our team’s track record is a testimony to our passion for “raising the bar” in disaster recovery.

What We Do

Whether it is a fire, smoke, water or sewer damage in your home your personal property might be affected to one degree or another. Rocky Mountain Restoration will work with you to make sure the process of restoration or replacement of those belongings is streamlined and hassle free.


  1. YOU COME FIRST! Priority at our first meeting it to discuss your “house rules” and answer specific questions you may have.
  2. Assess the damage to your belongings and determine what is salvageable.
  3. Photo document and implement a computerized inventory of all damaged personal property.
  4. Meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss the condition of your personal property and determine what is “restorable” and what is not.
  5. Prepare a comprehensive scope of work to restore salvageable belongings.
  6. Pack out the belongings to our secure, climate controlled facility.
  7. The belongings are then restored & re-inventoried.
  8. Store the restored belongings until your structural repairs are complete.



  • Pack-outs of Household Personal Property
  • Soot and Odor Removal of Smoked Compromised Items
  • Moving and Storage of Household Contents
  • Furniture Manipulation-Flooring Damage Claims
  • Damage Assessments
  • Inventory of Damaged and Non-damaged Household Personal Property
  • Xactimate Scopes of Work- Insurance Estimating Software
  • Digital Photo Documentation
  • Inventory Creation Services /Valuation Services
  • Fine Art and Photo Restoration
  • Furniture Restoration

Giving people their personal property and business assets back as quickly as possible isn’t just a good idea…